Underfloor heating has become a very popular method of heating in recent years. There are two main types of UFH, these are electric and water. Both are designed to keep your house warm. A water based system however offers significant advantages over an electric system the most important being the running cost. A water based under floor heating system comprises of continuous heating pipe loops encapsulated in floor screed that are connected to a manifold. Warm water is circulated through the pipes, which then emits an evenly distributed heat throughout the house. The floor screed acts as one large radiator.


We source our heating pipe direct from the manufacturer, we make regular visits to the factory see first hand how our pipe is made. Having this relationship we understand where our pipe comes from, the conditions it is manufactured in and the people involved with the manufacturing process. Our heating pipe is now manufactured in the thermoscreed orange color with branding.


We have peace of mind that our heating pipes are manufactured to the highest standards and this gives us complete confidence in the guarantee we pass onto our customers once we have embedded the underfloor heating system into the liquid screed.